5 Simple Self Care Habits and Home Remedies for PCOS.

PCOS and Home Remedies

Women with PCOS have a roller-coaster experience dealing with it. Every woman has their own story and their own battle. Women can experience PCOS symptoms as early as in their pre-teen years to as late as in their 50’s. Many put themselves on medications while some follow certain home remedies. The first step one should take if they are suspicious about PCOS, is to consult a doctor. You need to be sure about it before you deal with it. Making assumptions about PCOS, can only make it worse.


However there can be certain home remedies that one can apply in their daily lives that can make PCOS a little more easier to handle:

Simple Home Remedies and Self-Care Habits


1. Replace Carbs with Fiber and Junks with Protein:

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 PCOS cannot be handled if your diet is messed up. You should take special care of your diet requirements. Replace all your carbs such as white bread, white rice or potato with fiber foods, which is easily digestible. Include loads of protein into your food. Protein and fiber makes you feel full easily, which can help you to lose weight easily. Fish, almonds, fruits and vegetables are the best source for protein and fiber. 

The best home remedy starts with the kitchen. So, go to your kitchen, throw away the junk, and replace it with healthy options. 


2. Home Workouts

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If you are one of those people who pay for gym, and never go there. Then stop doing that. Make your home as your own little workout space. Begin with easy exercises and move on to the intense ones. Get up early and go for a run. Do water exercises in your building’s pool. PCOS does not demand heavy workouts and daily gymming. It is enough if you give your body a daily exercise of even 30 minutes per day. This can be easily done within the four walls of your house.

And if you are not a big exercise person, choose other alternatives such as Yoga. It not only helps you with PCOS, but also calms your mind. There are many aasanas that can help you with managing PCOS.


3. Take Care of your Mental Health

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PCOS not only affects your body, it has a negative effect on your mind too. It is therefore necessary to put your mental health in consideration too. Pick up a self-motivating book to begin with. Talk with other people about your problems. Share your feelings. You would be amazed to see the difference in your stress and depression just by telling someone how you feel. And if these home remedies aren’t working for you, try seeking professional help. 

Remember it is you who matters. There is nothing wrong in going to a therapist or talking about your mental health.  


4. Get enough sleep:

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 No method would work until and unless your body is properly rested. Getting a sound sleep is the easiest home remedy that you can do to rejuvenate your body. If you find it difficult to sleep, methods such as meditation, listening to calming sounds while sleeping can help. Just as they say a good laugh and a long sleep are the two cures for anything. It is true even for PCOS. A well rested body can function better and it would be easier for you to handle the stress of PCOS.

5. Follow a Routine

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Most of the time, one becomes clumsy and lazy, if they don’t have a routine to follow. Try setting up a time table for yourself. Get up at a fixed time, have regular breakfast and exercise daily. Having a regular schedule helps to manage all the activities properly. Include all the necessary things that you are doing for PCOS in it. This way you’d do things daily and thus can get results as early as possible. Often people make big plans for making changes in their life, but forget about it after doing it for a day or two. Having a routine keeps a check on all your home remedies and activities.


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