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             On a Sunday morning, while reading the newspaper I got a thought in my mind. All over the newspaper most…

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21 Best Dieting Tips To Lose Weight Easily And Sustain It

Whenever you and I look into the mirror, first what we look at is our body.   Not the face,…

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Foods for constipation and healthy gut

Ever since we the human beings evolved our food pattern was mostly dependent on fruits, veggies, and meats. Through cultural…


The Science (and math) behind low-carb diets – and why they don’t fail

We have heard of the three very famous (and of course, only-after water) MACROS that “nutrition” relies on- Fats, proteins…

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Know Everything About Eating Disorders

Disordered eating or ED (Eating Disorder) can be a very difficult challenge to overcome. Before I explain to you how…


Low Carb Indian Food

A balanced and healthy diet is the pillars of a healthy body. Each nutrient and mineral must be consumed in…

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Why do fad diets fail?

WHY DO FAD DIETS FAIL? When you google “how to lose 5kgs in one week?”, you will get to know…

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Why You Are Not Losing Weight?

Why You Are Not Losing Weight? “I Always Believed If You Take Care Of Your Body, It Will Take Care…


What It’s Like To Have a Weight Loss Buddy

What It’s Like To Have a Weight Loss Buddy “It’s Going To Be A Journey. It’s Not A Sprint To…