Body Detox. 3 Ways to Increase It

Every now and then we often hear the word Detox. It has gained wide popularity nowadays. But is it really helping our body?

To answer that let us first analyse ourselves. Do you ever feel that even after doing everything right, your body still isn’t responding the way it should. You are getting health issues such as fatigue, headaches, allergies or gas, even though you’re eating healthy and exercising properly. After every possible skin care and hydration, your skin still breaks out. 

It is as if our body doesn’t want to cooperate with us.

Nothing seems to work out. Right??

Well, believe me your body is trying, but the accumulation of toxins in it over the time are blocking its functions. 



What food does in our body: The Digestion Process



To understand the whole process of how toxins enter our body, let us first see how our digestive system works. Most of us have learnt this in school. Everyone knows it right?? But this digestion process is highly related to the intoxication of our body. 


Every time we eat, the food first goes to our stomach, where it breaks down and our body absorbs all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Now, it further goes to the small intestine, which contains finger like structures called villi, which further absorb more nutrients from the food. 


After this, the left out unwanted substance then further moves to the large intestine followed by the colon and is released by the body during excretion. This process happens to every food that goes into our stomach. 


Now the point to be noted here is that every food item takes different time for digestion. And more the time it takes for digestion, more time our body is in work and thus less time for our body to work its healing power. It has been found that foods containing more water are easier to digest. Thus comparatively fruits are easier to digest than other food such as roti or bread.



How does Toxins Accumulate in our body



The accumulated food stays in our body as waste for a long time, which then eventually becomes toxins and harms our body.


These toxins further reach every part of our body through the bloodstream.


And if these are not removed from our body, it may lead to serious problems such as obesity, hormonal imbalance, indigestion, migraine, diabetes.


That acne on your face, the kidney stone one gets, the cyst that is formed in women suffering from PCOD, all these are nothing but the waste that has been accumulated. The yucky pimple on your face is yuckier than you can imagine. Don’t pop it next time!!


This waste is also one of the major reasons for constipation and bloating as well. 



Solution: DETOX



If toxins are the problem, then we simply reverse it, DE- TOX it !!!


Detoxification is the process of cleansing your blood which happens by removing the unhealthy substances from the liver. With the cleansing of the liver, organs like the intestines, lungs, kidneys, skin also eliminate toxins.


Each of these body parts has its way of detoxification like skin detoxifies by removing impurities, toxins, pollutants, and dead skin cells, either by sweating or peeling of the skin or the digestive system detoxifies by eliminating toxic foods, either by vomiting or diarrhea. 


Every day our body is dong detox in one way or another. Excretion, urination and sweating all these are the body’s natural way of detox.


When these toxins are removed from our bodies, it is as if our body got its very own reboot button. Just as after a bath, you feel fresh, detox is an inner bath that you are providing to your body. You start feeling vibrant, joyful and happier. Detox also finds its way to affect our mental health more positively. 



How to Detox



How can we remove all this waste that has been sticking to our bodies for years? To answer this question in a simple way we can say that, our body has self-healing properties!!!

The most awesome quality about our body is that often it doesn’t need any external help for its healing process. Just as our body balances our sugar levels by producing insulin or the bleeding finger recovers itself, similarly our body can detoxify itself.

But if we continue to put toxins during this healing process, then it becomes difficult for the body to do its magic.



Ways to Increase Natural Body Detox



1. Through Avoiding Incoming of toxins.


So, for detox to work, you have to first stop the incoming of the toxins.  Eliminate alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars, and saturated fats, all of which act as toxins in the body and are obstacles to your healing process. Our body now acts just like a dirty lunch box, before filling up fresh food in it, first one needs to throw away the waste and clean it. Later on we can fill t with fresh food.


Remove the bad to fill up with the good!!


2. Detox through Fasting


Research says that fasting speeds up the process of detox in your body. Detoxification is a natural process, however, this fastens up this process. If the food no longer enters our body, then the body starts using its fat reserves for its energy. And when these stored fat is being used, then they release the stored chemicals and toxins into the system and are subsequently eliminated through the organs. Due to its best results intermittent fasting has gained its popularity. A study done by NCBI supports it.[1][2]


Remember all those festive fasts that we have heard in our life. Although they are termed as religious practices, they have scientific significance in our bodies. Every religion has its very own custom of fasting, and when we look deep into it, they are beneficial for our body. 


Another benefit of fasting is that, during a fast, the energy is diverted away from the digestion process towards the metabolism and immune system, thus improving the healing process of our body.

Note here that, digestion is crucial, but so are the small breaks from it. If you are fresh and healthy, and by doing detox you can do your daily routine more perfectly, and THAT is the importance of detoxification here.


3. Detox Through Skin:


Our skin through sweat releases some of the toxins in our body. It is capable of removing metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury through sweat. For this to work, regular exercise is needed. 

So in short, sweat yourself to clean yourself!! Exercise not only keeps us fit but helps in eliminating the toxins. Even toxins fear exercise!!!!

Doing exercise will also enhance digestion, reduce tension, lubricate joints, and strengthen your body. For those reasons, people who exercise regularly have fewer toxins in their systems than those who don’t.



Precautions During Detox



Please understand that detoxification is a nutrient-dependent process. Detoxing the wrong way can do more harm than doing good. If you are not in a healthy state or have any medical history, then it is recommended to first consult a doctor before going through any of the detox processes. Listen to your body. Nobody knows your body more than you. If you are not healthy, then try consulting a doctor first, before applying any of the detox methods in your body.. 


We need to understand our bodies better to help it work better. Nature has given us our bodies as a gift, and often we start misusing it. Next time, whenever you are eating junk remember, they may look tasty , but in the end, they are hiding the enemies named as toxins inside them.  


Detoxification is an option that nature itself has given us. We just need to make the best use of it. If done in the right way, through detox one can get a healthy body, a healthy mind, clear skin, and improved thinking. Detox jump starts you on the path to a healthy lifestyle that you’ll be able to maintain for years to come.


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