Women who have been recently diagnosed with PCOS often find it pretty confusing when they get to know about it in detail. There are many myths that are being circulated around the internet, which makes it even more difficult. One of them being whether PCOS cure is available or not. Well, to answer the question- No, PCOS cannot be cured. 

Hey, don’t get disheartened, cause it can be managed. The symptoms of PCOS can be reduced to a great extent if it is treated properly. Making changes in your lifestyle and diet is the first step. A lot of diseases can be managed if your lifestyle is healthy. 

An important thing to remember here is that PCOS is a metabolic ailment. This is also the major reason why there is no PCOS cure. If you are once diagnosed with PCOS, it is going to stay with you for your entire life. So, you cannot expect that once it is managed, it won’t get triggered again. You can again disrupt it by going back to your unhealthy life choices. 

What is a Metabolic Ailment?

Our body undergoes various sets of chemical reactions for our life sustenance. Removal of waste and conversion of food into energy are some of the examples. All this comes under the metabolism of our body. 

When this regular chemical reaction is disrupted, it causes our body to show various symptoms due to it. This happens when our body has either too little or excess of the chemical component in our body. All these clusters of symptoms result in a metabolic ailment.

PCOS, also comes under this ailment as it is not just a disease, rather a group of symptoms. Further even other metabolic disorders such as diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity are also linked with PCOS. Metabolic Ailments such as PCOS cure is very difficult.

What is PCOS?

PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, is a condition that affect women’s hormone levels, producing excess amount of androgens, a group of male sex hormones. 

It is normal for every woman to produce some amount of it in her body. But in women with PCOS the production of these hormones increases manifold leading to problems such as acne, abnormal hair growth, like facial hair or male pattern baldness. Infertility and irregular periods are another set of issues that come along with PCOS. 

How reducing Insulin Resistance is the key to managing PCOS?

Insulin Resistance and PCOS have been linked by various medical professionals. Insulin is a hormone that balances the blood sugar level in our body. When this does not happen during insulin resistance, both insulin and glucose level spikes up. High insulin has its own fatalities, such as increasing deposition of fat in the belly region as insulin is a fat-storage hormone. Secondly, insulin also triggers the release of excess androgens, and increases the symptoms of PCOS.  

Although not all women with PCOS suffer from Insulin resistance, it for sure is one of the leading causes for PCOS. Many research [1] [2] proves that the production of these excess male hormones is due to Insulin resistance. Over 60% of women suffering from PCOS are insulin resistant. Insulin resistance causes many of the symptoms of PCOS and hormonal imbalance. Thus, it is necessary to treat insulin resistance first to manage PCOS.

Management of PCOS

PCOS can be managed to a great extent if certain healthy life choices are made. We often tend to approach for an instant result as a PCOS cure. But managing PCOS takes time. Solutions such as surgery and pills may show you results at first, but can have adverse effects in the future. So, let us see how we can manage PCOS, just by changing ourselves

Remove  refined carbs and processed foods from your diet:

 Simple carbohydrates are the main culprits in increasing the glucose levels in our body. So, the first step in the management of PCOS is to reduce the carbohydrate intake. Similarly, the mass produced processed foods harm our body to a very large extent. To add flavors, they contain added sugar in it, which must be a complete no for women with PCOS.  Both of these products can be easily broken down into glucose in our body, leading to higher insulin levels.

Add more and more Complex Carbohydrate, Fiber and Protein in your diet:

 Complex carbs like whole grains and sweet potatoes are actually good for our body. They don’t break down easily into glucose and provide energy for a longer time. Fiber and Protein rich foods are the best option to reduce insulin resistance. This reduces digestion in our body, which inturn reduces the sugar levels. Fiber also makes us feel full easily. This makes us eat less and helps us to lose weight.

Reduce Dairy Intake

 We usually hear from our parents, about the goodness of the milk. But they forget the fact that today’s milk is not the same as they think. The milk that we get in our homes, goes through many processes such as pasteurization, homogenization, and is even added with pesticides. The intake of milk for women with PCOS acts as an androgen increasing food. So, it is advisable to reduce the dairy intake for stopping the hormonal imbalances in our body.

Exercise Regularly

 When a woman with PCOS exercises, it helps her to manage the insulin and glucose levels in her body. The continuous movement in our body helps it to move glucose. This process takes the glucose from our blood and spreads it to other parts of our body. This reduces the load of glucose management from insulin, thus increasing our body’s sensitivity towards it. Listen to your body and opt for the exercises which suit you.

Get Enough Sleep

No method would work until and unless your body is properly rested. Getting a sound sleep is the easiest home remedy that you can do to rejuvenate your body. If you find it difficult to sleep, methods such as meditation, listening to calming sounds while sleeping can help. Just as they say a good laugh and a long sleep are the two cures for anything. It is true even for PCOS. A well rested body can function better and it would be easier for you to handle the stress of PCOS.

Get in check with your mental health

PCOS not only affects your body, it has a negative effect on your mind too. It is therefore necessary to put your mental health in consideration too. Pick up a self-motivating book to begin with. Talk with other people about your problems. Share your feelings. You would be amazed to see the difference in your stress and depression just by telling someone how you feel. And if these home remedies aren’t working for you, try seeking professional help. Remember it is you who matters. There is nothing wrong in going to a therapist or talking about your mental health.  


There is no cure for PCOS as it is a lifelong disease, but can be easily managed by making changes in the lifestyle. Daily exercises and healthy food choices are the perfect solution to handle PCOS in the best way possible.

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