Diet Psychology

Does your diet make you happy?​

What happens when we restrict our food choices with the sole aim of losing weight?

  • First, we lose weight
  • And then, we gain it back.

That’s true.


That happens because we miss our favorite food, we miss our comfort food. And then when we cannot miss it anymore, we eat it without keeping a check on the quantity.


We eat it as if it’s the last time we are eating food.


What happens next?

We feel guilty.

And then we eat more.



You don’t need that.


Be Smart with your food choices. Pick a diet that does not put restrictions on portions and choices.


It all comes down to Psychology when losing weight. Let your body know you are not going to put it through a hard time and it will co-operate. It will adapt to your Non Restrictive diet and show results.

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enjoy your food

Restrictive diets damage the body’s metabolism. They make it HARDER for the body to lose weight .


Get more than Non Restrictive Diet. Get a Cost Effective Weight Loss Solution with Pay Per KG.

Guaranteed Weight Loss

PPK gives weight loss guarantee. You need to tell us your weight loss target and we will make sure you reach that.

No Fixed Duration

Some might lose 5 kgs in 2 months, some might lose it in 3 months. With PPK, there is no duration limit. We will be with you till you lose all you wanted to lose.

Easy on pocket

Pay for Results, not duration. If you want to lose 5 kgs, pay for 5 kgs, if you want to lose 7 kgs, pay for 7 kgs, not the time it takes to lose the kgs you want to lose.

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