Ghee: Myths, Facts and Uses

Every time we eat ghee dipped parathas or pavs, our mouth waters looking at it. Even while doing so, there is still a guilt in our mind that says that eating this is unhealthy. But is it really necessary to burden ourselves with all the ghee guilt?

Is ghee actually unhealthy? Or is it just one of those myths that has been passed on from person to person?

The first step that every person who is trying to lose weight takes, is to cut down the fat intake. And ghee being a common household item is the first thing to go out of the picture of one’s diet. We have termed it so unhealthy that people are even afraid to take even a drop of it during their diet days.

Let us break all that myths today.

Composition Of Ghee

Ghee is primarily made up of saturated fats, which are termed harmful for health. But only when taken in enormous proportions. Saturated fat when taken in moderate amount can do more health benefit than harm. For many years and even now saturated fats were blamed for the rise of bad cholesterol or LDL. But there is more into it. 

LDL’s are of two types :
  • Small, dense LDL: These are the proteins that can penetrate the arterial wall easily, and can cause heart disease.
  • Large LDL: These proteins are large and don’t easily penetrate the arteries.

It has been found that the saturated fat present in ghee only raises the large LDL’s and not only that they increase the HDL too, that is the good cholesterol.


Breaking the Myth


A review was published in 2014 by MEDLINE,[1] that looked at data from 76 studies with a total of 643,226 participants. They found no link between saturated fat and heart disease.


Turns out we were blaming the wrong things up till now!


Let’s now solve the biggest blame that we have put on ghee “ The intake of ghee makes us gain weight”. 




Research shows that ghee is enriched with omega-6 fatty acid, which is known to reduce body fat levels and thus in shedding those extra kilos. [2]


It also contains fat-soluble vitamins and essential amino acids, which also helps in losing weight.

A study also found that ghee is a good source of DHA, which is the most popular omega-3 fatty acid. It is very necessary for the body, as our body cannot produce it. Ghee, thus supplying DHA helps to reduce risks of heart attacks, cancer, arthritis and even ADHD!!


Ghee- The villain we were blaming up till now, was actually the hero. And this hero can make even make you fit.


Benefits of Ghee


High Smoking Point

Ghee has very high smoking point. The smoking point is the temperature at which any substance burns or smokes. The vegetable oil that is used in our daily cooking has been observed to have it comparatively less, and hence developing unstable elements called free radicals. These free radicals are very harmful for our body that they can even cause cancer. Ghee, on the other hand, smokes only at 500 F, thus is an excellent choice for cooking in daily households.


Contains CLA

It is found to contain CLA- conjugated linoleic acid. CLA combats cancer as well as cardiovascular disease. A study done by NCBI shows that CLA even helps in weight reduction.[3]


Other Benefits


Other benefits of ghee are that It moisturizes skin and hair, contains vitamins A, D, E and K which helps our immune system and it can be even taken by lactose intolerant people as it contains only few traces of milk sugars(lactose).


Ghee in Ayurveda


Ayurveda has backed up the benefits of ghee for years. The Sushruta Samhita, an Ayurvedic work claims that ghee is beneficial for the whole body, and has various health benefits. Our ancestors considered ghee as Rasayana, which means healing food that balances both body and mind. They claimed that ghee soothes inflammation, which is true as ghee contains butyrate.

Ghee, is one of the purest gifts that has been handed over to us from generations and when used properly can be one of the best supplements for our diet. But as said, excess to something can be harmful. If you are on a weight loss plan, don’t include more than 2 spoons on your diet. Having a spoonful of ghee, the first thing in the morning is most beneficial. 


Don’t stop your mom from putting that ghee on your parathas. Don’t feel guilty in having that yummy ghee in your pavs and naans. Enjoy it because it’s not only tasty but is the right thing for your body. 

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