How to Reduce Face Fat- A Step By Step Guide

I’ve been there too.
All that binge eating is finally showing up on your face, and you’re trying to lose it.
The problem: it’s tough.
Losing face fat is not as easy as losing fat on, say, your thigh, or your belly.
But guess what?
You can do it with consistency. And simple science.
And I’m going to lay out all of them in this post. One by one.

3 Proven Methods to Reduce Face Fat Quickly

There are three reliable ways you can use to get read of face fat:

  1. Fat burning foods
  2. Exercise
  3. Surgical methods

The first two provide organic results and are not invasive.
The surgical methods are for those who are looking to do it super-fast and don’t mind spending, and of course, a few side effects.
Before we get into this, there’s one thing we need to get off the table.
It’s the science of how fat is produced in the body, and it’s something we all know.
When you intake excess calories (in the form of food), your body stores it as fat.
And this fat accumulates in your face too.
So what’s the best way to get rid of this fat?
You guess right.
Starve the body of calories, and get it to tap into its fat reserves.
I’ve already covered the importance of focusing on fat loss vs weight loss in my super actionable diet plan guide, so I suggest that you read that post before you proceed- everything from here on is a continuation of the concepts mentioned there.
A combination of a well-planned diet (with deficit calories) and physical activity is what you need first.
Once you have that in place, it’s time to look at additional options.

How to remove face fats through fat burning foods

How to Reduce Face Fat
Do you know there are some types of foods that can help you get rid of those chubby cheeks?
Sounds a little far-fetched, huh?
You’ve already read about diet plans that can help you shed fat. Those with too much adipose (fat tissue) in their face can prepare their own unique diet as well to get that glamorous face back once again.
Remember, there is no such thing as a one-time magical drink or food that can help you lose fat quickly.
Anyone claiming that is lying.
Rather, it’s a process of eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes these fat burning foods -each and every day while following your diet plan- well, till kingdom come.
It’s not and should never be a burden to adhere to proper dieting.
Okay enough with that; let’s jump right into the list of the best fat burning foods.

  • Tomato juice

It’s surprising how we use tomato daily in the kitchen without knowing its full potential.
The ingredient in tomato responsible for promoting fat burning is called 13 -oxo- ODA. The substance basically speeds up fat metabolism!
But how much of that juice do I need?
3 cups!
1 in the morning, 1 after lunch and the last 1 after dinner.
Note: Running to the store for tomato juice? Don’t.
They contain additives and salts that beat the whole concept of healthy eating. Prepare your own from home with that blender idling around.

  • Avocado

First off, avocado is generally a weight loss management helper thanks to its body-friendly monounsaturated fats that assist to burn fats. As a metabolism booster, avocado is a double-edged sword that smashes both facial and belly fats. Not to mention, there are over 20 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are vital for good health.

  • Brazil nuts

If you can get your hands on Brazil nuts, then eat a truckload of them (for real).
I’m kidding.
Follow your calorie goal strictly.
Like Avocado, these nuts are loaded with a metabolism boosting agent called selenium that promotes faster fat burning. On a side note, they are also believed to pump up libido.
Imagine the weight you can lose while ‘sexercising’ (that’s not a real word but you get the point, right?).

  • Coconut oil

The whole point of losing fat is to keep it at bay for good.
So if you want to lose facial fat with zero chances of it growing back, use coconut oils.
Besides speeding up fat burning, coconut oil’s structure doesn’t allow it to get stored in the body. It’s all used up. Additionally, this oil will make you feel full for long and that will minimize cravings that make you feel like eating often.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that accelerates sugar absorption.
Let me explain:
Too much sugar in the body will result in some of it being converted into fats for storage. That’s one way people acquire adipose tissue layers.
So rather than living with a plump face that makes you loathe your appearance, why don’t you take this fat watchdog?
The list doesn’t end here. Some of the other foods that can help you keep your weight in check include broccoli, green tea, hot peppers, chia seeds, and turmeric. Try to include them in that diet plan we talked about.

General Nutrition Practices for a Slimmer Face

Besides the dieting items mentioned above, there are some healthy practices that you can adhere to for better results. Here are some of them:

  • Keep the body hydrated – water is the best element for flushing out toxins and through this way, it helps to keep face fat at bay. So before the day elapses, make sure you’ve had at least 64 ounces of water. I mean that.
  • Avoid processed foods – choose unrefined and unprocessed foods over their counterparts. Say bye to cookies, pasta, and crackers. A plate for someone who is striving to live a healthy life should consist of things like fish, salmon, almonds, fresh fruits and veggies; fiber, and protein-rich foods. And all these should be planned according to your diet plan. Don’t forget that.
  • Cut down on alcohol – too much alcohol can bloat your face through dehydration and to the worst extent, increase fat accumulation. How is that possible? Because alcohol is calorie rich and has fewer nutrients. US Dietary Guidelines recommend a single drink a day for women and two for men. Again- keep that calorie goal in mind.

How to reduce face fat through facial exercises

Let me start by saying that this is in addition to the exercises we talked about in the diet plan guide. Those exercises were to cut down the body fat percentage.
These exercises are to be done to reduce excess face fat.
An effective facial fat removal routine must integrate facial exercises.
The principle behind exercising is still the same; exerting pressure/ working out body sections to get them toned.
Simple logic, huh?
But the key is in being consistent. This ties in with the importance of creating habits, as I often say.
These facial workouts will get your muscles toned which ultimately leads to a slimmer face.
Hold your horses… it doesn’t end there.
Such exercises combat aging, or rather, allow you to age gracefully with your pretty face still intact.
Some of the popular facial exercises for fat removal include:

  • Swishing mouthwash

Quick question:
Have you ever swished water in your mouth and felt a little pain in the cheeks?
That’s exactly what you need to do. Keep whooshing that water in your mouth 10 times in a row. But it doesn’t have to be water only.
Try this:
Close your lips and push some air into the cheeks until they bulge out-firmly. Hold that air in for 10 seconds while squeezing it from one side to the other.
It hurts, but this technique gets the facial muscles working hard and you’ll start losing some adipose tissues in the process.

  • Face stretch

Face stretch exercises are another simple but reliable muscle toning exercise that can help you attain a slimmer face.
Here’s how to do it properly; by using both your hands, put the index and middle finger to the temple and stretch out the thumbs so each can touch the cheekbones.
Now, pull your face backward until your skin feels taut. If it doesn’t, try to repeat the process but this time around with your chin touching the chest.
Alternatively, you can make an “Ah” sound to tighten up facial muscles.

  • Blowing a balloon

That chubbiness in your cheeks is a result of dormant fat that could easily be smashed out.
Blowing a balloon is a great and fun way to work out your cheek muscles and the extra fats in your face will start to diminish. Try this exercise 10-15 times a day. Again, the key is consistency.

  • Chewing gum

That’s right people… chew your favorite gum.
It may have run out of flavor (it should be sugar-free by the way) but keep pounding it. The repetitive movements exert some force on cheek muscles and help in getting them toned.

  • X-O exercise/wide open

You may definitely have heard of this one before.
The purpose of the  X-O exercise is to strengthen the jaws which help to cut down the extra fats.
Here’s the drill; pronounce the letters X-O a couple of times-minimum 10. It sure looks like a joke, but the method works.
Alternatively, you can stride your jaws outwards with the tongue tightly sticking to the base of the lower jaw. Hey, get that mouth as wide as possible.
You should start to feel exhausted before even 20 seconds elapse! The ideal time to hold the stretch is 10 seconds but it’s okay to go to 20. Now, do that 10-15 times and your muscles will start to feel the heat.

  • Fish face exercise/ smiling fish face

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to turn into an amphibian for a few minutes.
Do you know how to make a fish face? Just suck in your cheeks and lips until they create some holes on the outside.
The exercise is one of the most reliable when it comes to strengthening cheek muscles. Hold the cheeks and lips in for 10 seconds then release, take a one-minute break and repeat at least 10 times.
We recommend performing facial exercises twice each day for the next two months. Some of the exercises above are very simple and don’t need any preparation or considerable effort.
How to reduce face fat for men
Well, much of what we’ve discussed above applies to men as well. However, there are a few lifestyle changes men need to make.
Over the years, we’ve zeroed in one these lifestyle issues to be major causes for face fat issues:

  • Again, consume less alcohol, sugary drinks, salt, and caffeine
  • Stick to a balanced diet
  • Avoid foods that can cause bloating
  • Hit the gym, go for a run, walk some distance, or take your bike for a spin as long as you get to exercise a little. A little physical activity can go a long way.

How to lose face fat through surgical procedures
And now to the final stretch.
This is for those who aren’t afraid of the needle and want to get slimmer within a week. And it’s going to be expensive, even in India.
Losing weight through dieting and exercise takes time. Obviously, if you don’t put in the necessary work, you won’t shed any weight.
So if you know you are poor at committing to lengthy processes but you don’t want a plump face, perhaps you could be a candidate for surgical procedures.  
I wouldn’t recommend them though. Just sticking to a simple diet and exercise plan can help you a lot with facial fat.
I would suggest that you opt for invasive surgical procedures only if nothing else seems to be working out for you.
I’ll give you a quick idea on two ways you can go about doing this.

  • Buccal fat removal

Buccal fat removal is done to those with super chubby cheeks.
I know. They look great on babies. But not on grown-ups.
Usually, excessive fats deposit themselves on your face pressing on your cheeks and forming some pockets, also known as fat pads.
The process begins by the surgeon sedating you.
Next, the doctor will make a sizable incision in the inner cheek (between the upper and lower gums).
The cut will expose fatty layers which will be scrapped away in the exact amount you agreed upon during your pre-surgical consultation with the doctor.
You must be wondering… “Will it be painful?”
You won’t feel a thing during the procedure.  
Yes, some pain and discomfort will be witnessed during the first few days after the procedure.
You will have problems eating as well, in fact, you will be advised to observe your diet to allow healing.
While the results of the surgery are apparent right afterward, it takes about two months to see the outcome, after your face heals completely.
The cost of the surgery can vary depending on many factors such as your region, surgeon experience, the amount of fat amongst other things.
Make sure to discuss everything in detail with your surgeon before the procedure.
Risks? A few side effects exist.
For instance, you can bleed or lose sensation at the incision site. If you are doing this in your early 20s, and you get a lot of fat removed, you could end up with a gaunt look later in life.
This can be avoided during the inquiry time – just ask your surgeon everything.

  • Face liposuction

This one is costlier than buccal and is mostly done on the body. However, it can still be performed on the necks and some parts of the face. Like Buccal, you have to be put under local anesthesia or light sedation.
Next, a small incision is made on the skin for a cannula (a suctioning device) penetration. This device will then be pushed back and forth in the cheek to disintegrate fats and then suck them out.
At the end of the surgery, you will feel some pain and discomfort that can be released through painkillers. It takes 3-4 months to see the actual outcome after all the healing.
The major setback to this method is how expensive it is, and the post-surgery discomfort and care required.
Apart from that, some complications that can arise include scarring, loss of sensation, infection, and bleeding.
Wrapping it all up
Now that you know how to reduce face fat, it’s time to start working towards getting a slimmer and glamorous face.
Weight loss is a gradual process and there are no quick fix tricks to get you what you want today or tomorrow. Combine both exercise and proper dieting (it can’t be explained more than this) and you’ll start to see some changes in your face.
If you are up for any of the surgical methods, it’s still okay as long as you choose an experienced doctor.
That’s all for now. If you are familiar with other face fat removal procedures that haven’t been mentioned or you just want to share your facial fat removal story, let’s gossip in the comments below.


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