There is an Ayurvedic saying “Satvaatma shaariram cha tryametatridandvat”. It means that the tripods of life are: satva (mind), atma (soul) and shareera (body). And these are the basics to know all about the meaning of prakriti.

Meaning of Prakriti


To know all about prakriti, Ayurveda focuses on these tripods. Further, it teaches their importance in sustaining the world. In doing so, it dives deep into the very formation of the universe. And then it relates it to human characteristics. Therefore, that the basic constitution of a human being is determined at the time of conception. Ayurveda calls this constitution as Prakriti. The Prakriti signifcantly influences our physical,mental and emotional tendencies, as well as our strengths and weaknesses.

The Sanskrit prefix “pra” means “original” and “kriti” means “creation”. Thus the meaning of prakriti comes out as at the time of “Original Creation”. 

When is Prakriti formed and what is meant by it?


To understand the meaning of prakriti, Ayurveda focuses on the time and nature of one’s birth. It states that at the moment of one’s birth a person’s physical and psychological tendencies become fixed. Just as you cannot change the shape of your body throughout the lifetime. Similarly, you cannot alter your prakriti. And it depends on factors such as

  • Condition of sperm, ovum, and uterus at the time of conception.
  • Food regimen adopted by the mother during pregnancy.

We often find people of different abilities and features. For instance, some are artistic, some athletic and some excel in academics. In the same way some have tendencies to be introverts or extroverts in nature. Some are excitable or calm while some are intense or laid back. All of these are just codes in our body. It all can be understood by the meaning of prakriti. As one learn more about the prakriti, they can be found in everyone and in everything. You can see them represented in varying climates, and even within individual species. 

Five elements of Prakriti.


Often in mythological books and dramas, we come across the term Panch-Mahabhoot. These are the five fundamental elements that make up the universe. Air, Space, Water, Fire, and Earth. Ayurveda claims that these elements are present in our body in the form of doshas.

Not only this, these doshas have a major impact on the physical, mental and psychological state of our body. In the years between 2014 and 2016, NCBI conducted many research related to this. It was to understand the meaning of prakriti. And it further proved all the Ayurvedic statements about Prakriti.[1][2]

To summarise, it was said that a person’s prakriti is the inherent balance of the three doshas at the moment of their creation.


The Three Doshas of Prakriti and their meaning


The three doshas that constitute our prakriti are VATAJ, PITTAJ and KAPHAJ.

Vataj composes of Space and Air.

Pittaj composes of Fire and Water.

Kaphaj composes of Earth and Water.

The unique ratio of vataj, pittaj and kaphaj within each one of us defines our Ayurvedic constitution, our individual blueprint of optimal health. These three doshas can answer every answer that you seek about yourself and your behavior. They govern your facial, physical and mental quotients. Every living creature has all three doshas within them. We cannot exist without a certain amount of each. However, most of us usually have two doshas that are dominant. 

A study was conducted by IAIM, Bangalore, Karnataka, and a few other institutions in the year 2015. It took data from a total of 3,416 normal healthy male subjects between 20–30 years of age. The result showed how various prakriti had dominance over a group of people and proved it scientifically.[3]

Meaning of Vikriti


Vikriti is the current state of these doshas in a person. Vikriti means “after creation”. And every factor in our life makes changes in our vikriti. It may be our lifestyle, environment or even the people that we encounter in our life. Besides, when we live against our prakriti, we support unhealthy patterns. And these patterns lead to physical and mental imbalances.

The state of all your doshas should be similar to the one that you had at the time of your birth. Only then you would be a healthy individual in and out.

There are many advantages that come along, when a person knows about the meaning of his prakriti. Firstly, he is able to know about the diseases which can occur more frequently in his body. Not only this, now he can make changes in his environment and lifestyle. And by doing so, he can balance all the doshas.

         Above all, Ayurveda says balanced doshas means a healthy body and mind. 


How Ayurveda can do what Modern medicines cannot?


Modern medicines have a solution for every disease. But at the same time it is the equal for every individual on earth. The way of treating is exactly similar. It doesn’t consider the fact that every human is different. On the contrary, Ayurveda identifies each person differently. And this is where Ayurveda shows its reliability.

Understanding the prakriti is a wonderful tool for appreciating our world as a force of nature. With time, the doshas can shed light on our personal nuances, guide us in improving our self awareness, and help us to understand how to best support ourselves when and where it matters the most.

Every person has a different prakriti and hence must have different treatments.

The doshas can detect imbalances before the manifestation of the disease. Thus, Ayurveda becomes a complete system of preventative medicine. You can prevent it, even before the occurrence of any illness. 

For any problem you possess, Ayurveda has the solution. And for every question you ask, your PRAKRITI and its meaning gives the answer.



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