Everything you need to manage Obesity


Customized Nutrition Plans as per your goals, routine, preference without any restrictions​


Online Workout with Expert, certified coaches to meet your strength and goals


Ayurvedic Nutritional Supplements to meet your daily protein requirement and help burn fat faster

community support

Close to 10k Members strong Facebook community to support you, motivate you, help you with Nutrition/Fitness queries​


We don’t want you to diet. We want you to get the right Nutrition. That’s why we make our Nutrition Plans without any restrictions on taste, craving, portions. Get it all on Modern Monk App. 

We don’t want to stress you out when it comes to managing Obesity!


Fitness will come home to you with our LIVE Fitness classes. Join Top coaches from comfort of your home. Use Modern Monk App to join your classes, reschedule them if needed, join from multiple workout formats.

nutritional supplements

100% Natural, Ayurvedic Herbs to build immunity and improve overall health. We collaborate with Vendors with proven record of high-quality products and bring them to you in one place.

These supplements are made of natural herbs with no side effects and help improve digestion, metabolism that helps burn fat faster and make sure you get all necessary nutrients.


Our facebook community

A place where everyone who wants to pursue “Healthy Living” get together and discuss, support, motivate each other. Our Nutrition and Fitness coaches are always available to answer any relevant queries. Be part of this growing Tribe.

Manage your Obesity



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