Sakhi Program

Lose weight with a Sakhi

Have you tried
almost everything
on earth and still
failed at losing
What you need is a
support system – a
SAKHI, someone
who will motivate
you, work with you and
achieve weight loss targets
together with you.


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Lose weight

Easily lose 2-4
kgs in a month with
diet, workout and
Lifestyle changes.

Who is a Sakhi?

A Sakhi can be anyone – a friend, a spouse or even a relative. The idea behind finding a Sakhi is to find someone who is equally passionate about health and would be responsible enough for keeping you motivated, because MOTIVATION is the key.

Why having Sakhi works for losing weight?

Research says, the chances of getting rid of extra weight increases when there is a social network to support you, where you can share diet and exercise tips and when you have sakhi (buddy) to accompany you on your weight loss journey.

Having Sakhi on weight loss journey works because Sakhi

Applaud success

Support 24 x 7


Shares disappointment

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What will you get?

Sakhi is a one-month program where you can easily lose 2-4 kgs our Social support and Personal support from your Sakhi and our coaches.

  • 3 Diet Plans (New plan every 10 days)
  • Grocery List to make it easier to source ingredients
  • Thrice a week Virtual Workout Sessions
  • 1 Pack of Jeeragest home delivered/ Aloe Vera (Optional)
  • Recipe e-Book
  • Coaches available on Facebook Group to answer all your queries

Price: 999

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