Jeeragest: Powerful tea to fight indigestion and acidity

Nothing ruins a good mood as stomach trouble.

Sometimes, after an amazing food experience, the happy good-food-mood vanishes just after one burp.  And sadly it doesn’t stop there. Chest pains, and heavy stomachs usually just wait around the corner. It can even make it difficult for us to sleep at night.

If YOUR tummy throws tantrums EVERY TIME you eat outside or have a hearty meal, then it is TIME to act on it!!!

When the tummy troubles call, we go back to our roots and find our grandmother’s savior herbs.

And what are those herbs??

– Saunf and Jeera

Saunf and jeera are in every dadima’s handbook. This solution has been passed on to us from generations.

Ayurveda and modern science – both back it up.

How Jeera helps in acidity and indigestion

jeera for acidity and indigestion

Studies [1] say that cumin activates the digestive juices in our stomach. And by doing so, it promotes better digestion. It also reduces acidity and gas trouble and relieves stomach pain and abdominal issues.

A study was done by NCBI on 57 patients with Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS). It states that cumin extract cured their IBS. Not only this, but it also helped with other gastronomical problems such as bloating and abdominal pain.[2]

However, Jeera has a strong zesty flavor. Thus making it not everyone’s cup of tea.

Jeera water makes a better choice, as it has a milder taste and can be consumed easily.

Using reliable products with jeera extracts is another option.

Herbal extracts have proven efficiency regarding biological actions. These take the necessary constituent of the herb and uses them to the full spectrum. Thus, one can opt for various methods to consume cumin seeds.

Cumin, when combined with other herbs can have many other benefits too, including weight loss, immunity boost and even maintain blood sugar level and cholesterol.

What makes Jeeragest so effective

Jeeragest is made of Jeera, Coriander, Saunf, and Garcinia Cambogia extract.

It combines all the beneficial properties of each of its components and makes each of them work efficiently.

This ayurvedic detox tea helps with indigestion and acidity and helps in solving multiple problems in our body. With jeera as its hero and other ayurvedic herbs to support it, it shows the following benefits when used regularly.

Benefits of Jeeragest

Improves digestion

It is beneficial for all kinds of digestive problems. The jeera present in it relieves you from gas troubles and even helps with Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS). It also gives relief from diarrhea as jeera is an antidiarrheal agent.

It also regulates and helps in the overall digestion of your food, thus preventing constipation troubles.

Relieves Acidity

It is an excellent antacid as all the ingredients used are cold in nature due to which it helps a lot in relieving from acidity. It is an excellent pain-reliever for stomach and abdominal pains

Helps you lose weight

It increases metabolism which helps in melting the excess fat from the body. The Garcinia Cambogia Extract present in it is known for reducing your appetite and blocking the formation of fat in your body. It also controls the blood sugar level in your body. 

Skin Care 

It improves skin tone and acts as an antioxidant for the body cells.  It has disinfectant and antifungal properties and thus protects your skin from fungal and microbial infections.

A study done by the Department of Biotechnology of Kurukshetra University states the presence of antioxidant properties of cumin seeds, which help our skin.[3] Further, due to the presence of Vitamin E, it also reduces the signs of premature aging, sagging skin, and age spots. 

Strengthens immune system

It has various nutrients such as iron, essential oils, vitamin C, and vitamin A, which helps our immune system. Jeera is known to be rich in Vitamin C, which neutralizes free radicals that cause many diseases such as cancer and heart troubles.

A 2011 study by NCBI shows its effects on the immune system. [4]

It makes the body feel lighter and energetic

It has coriander extract which helps to soothe our body, thus making us feel energetic. Coriander is known for its rejuvenating properties. It thus gives us, instant energy and freshness.

Helps with Tea, Coffee Addiction 

Jeeragest tea can be the best replacement for tea or coffee. If you feel tired or drowsy without your chai or coffee, then it is a clear symptom that you are addicted to caffeine. The best solution is to amp up your drinking choices by choosing better.


In a regular diet, boil a half teaspoon of Jeeragest in 1 cup of water for 2 minutes. Strain and consume before each meal.

If you aiming for weight loss, then boil 3 tsp of Jeeragest in 1 litre of water for approximately 10 minutes. Strain and consume over the day.


There are no side effects of Jeeragest if consumed in the allowed dosage of upto 15 gms (3 tsp) per day. All the ingredients present in are ayurvedic, hence it is very safe to use.

Key Ingredients

Jeera, Coriander, Saunf, and Garcinia Cambogia Extract.

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