Acidity is something people experience often like on a daily basis or at least weekly. Often it becomes the deal breaker for any outdoor meal or street foods. That burning sensation or tingling pain may sometimes become so severe that it may even disturb your night’s sleep. Many five-minute remedies are being marketed to us everyday. It may give us instant relief, but is not good for our body for the long term. A problem such as acidity that may occur every once in a while should be tackled with much care as prolonged use of inorganic solutions can be harmful. It is thus best to rely upon our kitchen ingredients for an easy and safe solution. If these are consumed properly and are included in the everyday diet, it can even relieve acidity permanently. 

What is acidity

acidity, chest pain

Acidity is a term used for a set of symptoms caused by excess production of acid in our stomach. Normally, the gastric glands secretes hydrochloric acid which is required for the breakdown and digestion of food we eat. But when the amount of acid exceeds more than the required, it generates a burning sensation just above the stomach. This happens because the acid starts flowing back towards the food pipe.

Due to higher consumption of spicy foods, acidity is pretty common in the Indian subcontinent. In some cases, constipation and indigestion is seen among people with acidity.

What Causes Acidity

Generally, it is a result of several external factors such as eating habits and lack of exercise. But many internal health problems such as asthma and kidney issues can also cause acidity. 

Ayurveda says that the increase of Pitta Dosha in your body can be one of the reasons for acidity. Some of the external reasons for acidity include:

  1. Excessive intake of tea/coffee.
  2. Smoking and alcohol consumption,
  3. Binge eating or Overeating.
  4. Taking long breaks between meals, skipping meals or eating at irregular times.
  5. Consumption of spicy and oil food.
  6. Consumption of processed and fat-rich foods.
  7. Excessive stress
  8. Lack of sleep
  9. Lack of physical exercise.


Symptoms of Acidity

Chest pain and burning sensation are the most common symptoms of acidity. However, it can change from person to person. Some people can even feel nauseated and constipated during acidity. Here are some other symptoms you should know to check whether you have acidity or not:

  1. Burning sensation above the stomach.
  2. Fullness during or after a meal, Feeling bloated often.
  3. Sleep troubles. Often cannot sleep due to uneasiness.
  4. Modified tastes or in some cases tastelessness
  5. Restlessness. Troubles sitting down at a place for a long time. An urge to walk often.
  6. Constant Burping.
  7. Mild to severe chest pain. Can be mistaken for heart attack.
  8. Frequent urination and sometimes without the urge to drink water.
  9. Lack of appetite or increased appetite.
  10. Burning sensation in the throat.

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Home Remedies for Acidity

1. Fennel Seeds

fennel seeds, acidity

This may not be the first time you might be hearing about Saunf or Fennel seeds as a solution for acidity. Every restaurant has a plate of saunf to complete the meal. The vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres present in it helps the process of digestion. It contains a compound known as anethole, which has antibacterial properties. It kills any infection in your stomach, further giving a soothing feel to your stomach. Chewing just a few fennel seeds can give an instant cure to acidity. It is one of the easiest solutions for acidity and provides immediate relief.


2. Ginger

ginger, acidity, solution

This irregularly shaped spice is also one of the remedies for your acidity and acid reflux. One of the reasons for acidity is a bacteria known as pylori. The active substance present in ginger known as gingerol kills these bacterias and reduces inflammation in the stomach. It also helps with many cases when a person feels nauseated after eating food. 

In Ayurveda  ginger has various uses in healing and medicines. It is one of the key ingredients in treating indigestion. It is known as ardrakam or shuntha in Sanskrit. Due to its pungent (spicy) at the same time sweet and warming properties, it works well for stomach troubles.

3. Mint

mint leaves, acidity, mint tea

Nothing cools you down more than a glass of minted water. The antioxidants and nutrients present in it speeds up the function of digestive enzymes. Many people often experience pain and burning sensation along with acidity. Pudina (mint leaves) with its cooling properties is the best remedy for it. Pudina also helps with stomach cramps by calming down the stomach muscles and also improves digestion.

It has no side effects and can be easily consumed. Just eating raw mint leaves can do the trick. If the flavor seems too strong for you, then switch to mint water or mint tea as a solution. 

4. Jeera

cumin, jeera, acidity

Jeera is a well known digestive aid. It neutralizes the acid that forms in our body and also is an effective remedy for acid reflux. 

Ayurveda considers Jeera as a substance which balances all three doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It also says that drinking jeera water can help in soothing your stomach as it stimulates the digestive juices in our body.

Studies [1] say that cumin activates the digestive juices in our stomach. And by doing so, it promotes better digestion. It also reduces acidity and gas trouble and relieves the stomach pain and abdominal issues. 

A study was done by NCBI on 57 patients with Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS). It states that cumin extract cured their IBS. Not only this, but it also helped with other gastronomical problems such as bloating and abdominal pain.[2]


5. Buttermilk

lassi, buttrmilk, chaach, acidity, relief

We often rely on many health drinks to solve our problems, only to find that our desi Punjabi drink was the solution all along. Our homemade ‘lassi’ or ‘chaach’ is loaded with health benefits for our body. It contains lactobacillus bacteria that lubricates the intestines, breakdowns the food, absorbs the nutrients and helps in smooth digestion. Not only this, buttermilk is also a natural probiotic. Probiotics help in an easier digestion process and reduce acid reflux and acidity. To add to its benefits, probiotics are also a great solution to maintain cholesterol levels. Further, buttermilk also prevents bloating in our stomach by flushing out all the bad bacteria in our body.

What if these home remedies do not give the desired results

All these simple ‘ghar ke nuskhe’ are pretty simple to apply in our daily life. However, they do not guarantee you fully satisfied results. It may work on some people and not on others. An article published by explains how using specific extracts instead of the whole herb can be an optimum solution for various problems. The extracts taken from various herbs contain only the necessary chemical components that are required for the treatment. 

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This is where Jeeragest comes in as a perfect balance of all the spices. The extracts of jeera, saunf and dhaniya present in it, does their function perfectly by using only the necessary components present in them to treat your acidity. It is better to take an effective solution which guarantees you a remedy rather than trying out every other kitchen product which may not be always effective.


Acidity is a very common disease that can affect any age group. There are many home remedies that may solve this problem. But proper medications such as Jeeragest treats it more precisely. A long term use of it can also treat acidity completely.

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