What It’s Like To Have a Weight Loss Buddy

“It’s Going To Be A Journey. It’s Not A Sprint To Get In Shape”

Weight loss is never easy, especially if you’re on our own. However, having a weight loss buddy who’s both supportive and tough throughout every step of the way, can help you resist temptations of returning to those bad dieting habits and make sure you stick with your plan.

Here we will talk about what it’s like to have a weight loss buddy with us in our journey.



An ideal weight loss buddy is someone

  • you like investing energy with
  • who has a positive attitude
  • with compatible motivation styles
  • with similar goals

Whether you join a group weight loss program or find a health-minded companion, studies have shown that working out with another person bolsters healthy competition in order to work harder while reducing stress.

However, being committed to this type of relationship is associated with the responsibility to be there for someone else.

That is what makes it work!

Advantages of having a good weight loss buddy


  • WEIGHT LOSS BUDDY KEEP YOU MOTIVATED. It’s like having your own personal cheering squad. Your buddy can give you that extra boost—whether it’s a high five, a sympathetic nod or some encouraging words—to keep you going when you’re thinking about cutting your workout short or overindulging at lunchtime.
  • CONSIDER YOU RESPONSIBLE. At whatever point you have the desire to pass over an exercise or enjoy lousy nourishment, you could generally reach your companion so as to remind you why you left on this excursion in any case.
  • THEY ARE UNDERSTANDING. At the point when you have somebody who is experiencing a similar weight reduction regiment and similar battles, it’s soothing to realize you aren’t the only one. Thus, you could be the one to help rouse them.
  • THEY INCREASE THE FUN FACTOR. You may not feel that “weight reduction” and “fun” have a place in a similar sentence. But a walk through the park with your weight loss buddy, preparing and enjoying a healthy, homemade dish together or sweating through a dance class side by side can change what could feel like a task into recollections you’ll both treasure.
  • THEY MAKE SUCCESS EVEN SWEETER. Losing weight is a great accomplishment—one that is worth sharing. Your weight loss buddy will be there to congratulate you for your achievements, as you can do in return. That goes a long way to keeping you motivated and on track.
  • THEY PROVIDE ACCOUNTABILITY. Hitting the snooze button is a lot harder when you know someone is going to be waiting for you at the gym. Also, you may find that you’re less inclined to settle on undesirable food decisions on the off chance that you realize that your weight loss buddy may get some information about them later on.

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When you locate a decent match, remember that you’re as yet two very different individuals.

Your metabolism, body shape, current weight, and gender will affect how quickly you lose weight, and the same is true for your weight loss buddy.

Don’t expect to slim down at the same rate or otherwise compare yourself to your buddy. Attempting to stay aware of—or even exceed—your mate can make undue pressure and lead to potential disillusionment for you.

If you push yourself too hard or too far, you could also end up with an injury. The competition could potentially even damage your relationship with your buddy.

Compare you with you and think about how far you’ve come, which is a considerably more precise and valuable measure of your advancement.

Set your own goals and let your weight loss buddy do the same.

If you’re unsure of what your goals should be, consider checking in with an exercise physiologist and nutritionist; these experts can help you set realistic and individual goals based on your ability and lifestyle.

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