The global pandemic we are facing has bought up many challenges in front us. From washing our hands every now and then, to not being able to meet our friends and family, we are compromising a lot. But there is something that this phase has ensured that we must all do- Work from Home. Some may feel it as a challenge, while others may be loving it. But if not executed properly, this step may have a negative  impact on your work life.

If you actually think about it, working from home can be very efficient. You don’t have to spend time to get ready, you can save your travel time and you can even be at your comfortable home to work even more efficiently. But with every pro, there is a con too. Your kid may start throwing a tantrum, you may not feel productive or there may not be a good connection in your computer. So, it is very necessary to actually plan out your work, just like you do at your regular office.

 So, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to be effective during these days.

Plan your day, Make a time table:

One of the things about working from home is that you are your own boss. You decide your time. You may do it efficiently or just be unproductive throughout the day. Often we take it for granted and mess up our daily routine. Especially in times like this, when we are even mentally stressed about the situation happening outside. It’s normal to have an improper sleep schedule and work life. But it is more necessary to deal with all the problems now.


One simple way is to make a proper time table for your daily routine. Wake up early, include exercises in your day and plan out your day efficiently. Give time for everything, including family, leisure, fun and work. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your mind keeps working all the time and you’ll feel more productive. Not only that you’ll concentrate more on your work as you’ll feel efficient and satisfied.


Plan out the next day at night and mentally prepare yourself to complete all the tasks that you have planned to do. This way you’ll reduce your stress and panic about thinking about your work at night. Thus providing you a better sleep at night.


Try Creating an At-Home Office

While it might seem like a pretty awesome idea to work by lying down in your couch or bed, this might have a huge negative impact on your productivity. You may easily start feeling sleepy and tired. And did I mention lazy? Cause your bed and your couch are areas, where you chill and rest. It’s natural that if you work from these areas, you won’t get a work vibe.


The best option to deal with it is to make a workspace in your house, which is only meant for your office work. Organise it properly, put your desktop/laptop there, arrange the necessary stuff and voila…start working. You don’t have to go all fancy and design the traditional work space. You can if you want to. But it can be as simple as a study table. You can choose any corner in your house and make it your work area. Believe me, when you sit in your work chair, you may actually start to feel as if you are at the office and productivity will kick in for sure.

 Reduce Social Media:

It is not a new fact that social media is usually the actual villain in wasting our time. We often plan to just go through it once, but actually end up watching dog videos for hours. You cannot be blamed for that. This is how social media is designed. Remember, the more you are in it, they are making money. On the other hand, you are losing your valuable time which could have been used for something productive.


Take a first step towards social media detoxing, uninstall all the social media apps from your phone and log out from your browsers. If you don’t require your phone for your work, then try avoiding it completely. You may feel distracted and tempted to check those apps, but promise yourself that you’ll only check your phone after your work is done. Decide the time you need to spend on social media beforehand. Have a check on it as well. You may not even realise the amount of time you’re wasting on it.


Separate Personal and Professional Life

When working from home, every one of your family members is under one roof. Because of this, often your personal and professional life gets meddled up. Your kid may come and distract you, you may have chores to be done, or be it any personal calls. You need to separate your personal life with your work life, even though it’s a home office. 


Inform your family members about your working hours and tell them to not disturb during those hours. Take your work as professionally as you would, when you were in office. Avoid personal calls during office hours. Distribute your time between both worlds, and you’d be good to go.


Stay Connected:

One of the main problems with work from home is that you don’t get to meet with your co-workers. While it may cut your time from office gossip, this can also have a negative impact. Your co-workers are the ones who make your office feel like an office. People with the same goal in their lives working towards it. It gives us a sense of togetherness. So, it is very necessary to be in touch with your boss and other co-workers.

Use technology efficiently to get the latest updates about your company. Do online group meetings and skype calls. You may often lose sync with others during such times. Ensure you are on the same page as others. Stay well connected and well aware about your company’s work.




Difficult times need difficult measures. This pandemic had led many of us to make different life choices, one of them being to be stuck at home. But work never stops. We need to be productive anyways. So, let us do it in the best way possible. Let us make the best of this situation.